Tuesday, 25 September 2012

down and down

Only a quick post today, from the Inverloch library...gee we are lucky to have such terrific libraries in both NSW and Victoria.  Wireless internet, computers for an hour at a time.  Really lucky.

Loving a break here, warm sandy times.  And although the Goose thought that the beach was great, apart from the sand, we are all having a restful and smiley time.

But I digress. I must be working harder than I thought because I am now well and truly in the 60s - 69.6kg this morning. Down from 70.2 last week.  So that is 2 weeks of back to back holidays and associated consumption and decreased routine and still managed a loss. It would seem that the times I think I am over indulging, I still have been better than I thought.

I am pretty pleased.

So that's it for today.  Hope life is treating you well.

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