Monday, 1 October 2012

bloggers challenge catch up

I am home again, staying put now for a bit and loving being back in my own space.

It was lovely to be away, some time in my parents very welcoming new holiday house in Inverloch. Some time with my parents and some time with my bestie and her 3 children.

I did have a little giggle when my mum, a very devoted grandmother to 10, suggested that Ally and I might like to 'have a break and go out to the pub for an early dinner.'
Ok, so let me get that right.  6 children aged 14 months, 3, 5, 6,7 and 8.  And 2 grown ups.  A break?  Not so much.

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So home made spaghetti bolognese it was.  And like the best of long friendships, at 4.15pm, I looked at her, she at me and in an unspoken way, decided it was time to start cooking dinner so that we could pack our 6 little much wanted and loved cherubs away.  And let the real chatting begin.
Ah, chatting therapy, it is a much under-rated thing.  And long overdue.

I was rather thrilled, as I posted earlier, to find that my weight has continued to slowly slide down.  Slowly, but surely. And people are starting to notice, without significant prompting, which is such a great motivator to continue.

So now it's time to get back on track, and return to the guts of the 12wbt, not some spliced together version. 

So in that spirit, I return to the 12WBT bloggers challenge, guided by noni77 whose linky thingy I think is still unlinky-ed.  Nonetheless...

Week 3 – Ch ch ch ch changes

If we want to transform ourselves we can’t expect it to just happen – we have to make an effort and make changes in our lives. This week’s challenge is about the changes you have made to your life – whether you have been on this journey for three weeks or three years – or anywhere in between.

1. What do you think were the three most important changes you have made so far?
No more seconds.  Ever
Portion control
Take responsibility for my choices

2. How have these changes to your food, exercise or mindset impacted on the rest of your life?
A realisation that I am in control, for better, or worse.  I have choices, the trick is to make them good ones. 

3. What did you have to do in order to make sure these changes happened?
I believe that the preseason and warm up tasks and challenges really helped me get my groundwork done.  A gentle shift that got me ready enough to make changes that will stick. 
4. What difference have these changes made to your body transformation?
While my weightloss since the 12wbt has started is slower than some, my overall loss is something I am really pleased with and I feel the mindset changes and shift in my thinking are one's that I can really stick with and sustain.  
5. Have these changes been hard or easy for you to make? Why?
Err, kinda both.  There is certainly a commitment to make and it can be time consuming to trawl the forums, print the recipes, plan any menu changes, blog....but, it is taking the place of mindless tv watching, and associated unconscious eating, and wasted time online. And I found the 'work' of preseason and warm up to be hard in an emotionally challenging way.  Overall, living this way is much much easier than seeing my weight increase, and feel shit about myself.  That self loathing is super time consuming.
6. Would you recommend others make these changes to their lifestyle too? Why?
Hell yeah.  I love feeling healthy and in control of my health.  The 12wbt is not rocket science, but it is supportive and I think the groundwork stuff is really where it has made the difference to me.  And a lifestyle change that makes you feel more a part of your own life is surely a great thing.
7. What do you think the next things is going to be that you will have to change
I need to commit to getting into a better routine, not just 12wbt style but to really prioritise the important stuff of my life, starting with myself and my exercise, but including a better commitment to dedicated relationship time, and making sure I schedule some recreational time for myself too.  I have really left behind my occasional sewing and crafty stuff which I love to do, a little, not a lot of. And I need to get a bit of a career plan, an ongoing education plan for myself...some lists I think are needed!  And importantly I am going to schedule a few running events each year. I am committing to doing a half marathon in SA next year in the Barossa.  Oops, it's out now.  I'll have to do it.  Any takers?

and now -
Week 4 - Highlights so far

Breifly, this time. And in pointform for efficiency because I have to go to work. :(
  • losing weight
  • losing the big emotional investment in how fast the weight was coming off
  • rediscovering running and how clear it makes my head
  • incorporating lots of new food choices into family meals, and modifying existing family recipes to make them better choices
  • enjoying sausages (kanga bangas rock)
  • liking what I see in the mirror more.
  • Fitting into more 'lost' clothes
  • Realising that I can say no to food.  Amazingly, I am the boss of myself. 

and now -
 Week 5 - Food

What were your old food habits like?

Too much food. Great healthy food, made from scratch.  But no consideration, or awareness of appropriate portions

What were you like before embarking on this journey to become a healthier version of yourself?

Lacking in a sense of personal responsibility for my physical appearance. Simply that.

How did you feel?

Blank.  Didn't allow myself to think about it.
Was there anything you struggled with but have over come?
Portion control, and realising that it is not about restriction, or diet or going without.  It's about having enough.  And choices. 

So that's it for today, all caught up.  But need to get my marvellous list writing fingers on the job tonight and commit to planning for my important stuff.  And working out what that stuff is too.


  1. Excellent reflections, insights and learning about self.

    Excellent results.

    Excellent post.

    Excellent but short time away, chatting, early pasta dinners, early bedtime wrangling, and as always excellent company xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx