Sunday, 23 September 2012

Week 4 - Milestone week and reflection

So today sees 4 weeks completed of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

And what has changed?

As is my pattern when there are too many thoughts to articulate well, I shall proceed with point form.  It also makes me feel a little more connected to my love of stationary and lists when I use point form.

  • I have lost a total of 7.4kg since I began the journey.  Only 0.3kg lost appears on my 12wbt tracker.  This is partly due to my massive preseason enthusiasm, and the welcoming of the new truthful scales into my home. 
  • I am in a pattern now of making more thoughtful choices with food.  Even if I don't stick to my 1200 cals or even track them, I know that I ingest far, far fewer than ever before. Even when my mood is low
  • I oscillate with my exercise enthusiasm.  It is linked directly to my mood and mental state.  Ridiculously, I feel better when I exercise, but feel least like doing it when I am low. Kick up ass required.  Husband assisting.
  • I have lost 14cm from my body measurements.  People are starting to notice, so grabbing on to that as a motivator to continue
  • I have Bipolar disorder.  Whatever.  Still the same nutbag I was before.  Have a label to put with it now.  I am a categorised nutbag.  And that's ok
  • I am nourished by some particularly great friendships
  • I am supported by some lovely new contacts in internet land, on blogs, and on the 12wbt forums. I like that.
  • I have a wonderful little family unit.  The Nigelator, pickle, curly and the goose are my people.  And I am theirs. And we love each other.  And make each other laugh.  And prefer each other to all others.  And now I know it more than ever.
Off to spend a little more time away this coming week, this time at my parent's holiday house at the beach in Inverloch.  And will catch up with my gorgeous friend Ally and her brood.  Can't wait.

I hope the week is kind to you, and you are kind to yourselves.

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  1. It's so true that when you least feel like exercising is probably when you'd most benefit from it :)

    I spent the last week slacking off from exercise, read a bunch of blogs on thursday night that inspired me to go for a 6.5km run on the friday and join 2 groups for the Saturday SSS. Really makes a difference meeting people you can work out with and chat to :)