Thursday, 13 September 2012

I am married to a really great man. And I'm planning my week 4 reward

Check out my new shoes.  Mizuno Wave Enigma.  So light and purpley.  And a bit hard core.

The Nigelator and I went to see Pickle in some rugby thing he was picked for.  It was played in the grassy square off the main drag in our town.  Yay, Pickle!!! But I was watching, not concentrating. But I was proud of my boy, out there, working hard.  He got 2 tries.  I am told that's good.
I am a barracker, but don't really go for team sports.  I'd much rather have a run and a chat than hang out at the footy.  The Nigelator really, really loves sport. A natural sportsman, he is capable at many things sporty.  He is also a committed sports watcher.  Jumps from his chair watching golf on TV, shouting and hollering.
Golf, I tell you. Really?
He is a reverse magic pudding for sport...he cannot be filled up enough.  It is a gift he has given our kids.  Go Nigelator, balance that crazy mumma stuff with ball sports.

Anyway, so we saw the pickle playing and walked across the road towards our car.  Past the Athletes Foot. 
Into the Athletes Foot.  And I accidentally spoke to the man,  and accidentally tried on shoes.   And the Nigelator, bless him, says to the man 'she runs heaps, like 30k a week, so she needs good shoes. And she's lost heaps of weight so her other shoes are no good.'

And he looked at me and said 'you love running, and you deserve them.  You can't let yourself get hurt because you aren't wearing the right shoes.'

And I think my jaw did a little drop.  Nigelator, for all his out-and-proud-ness of not doing feelings, is a super kind and thoughtful man. He looked at me with that effortless love look of a non-gushy guy who just loves his lady.  And I had a tiny tear, because they've been not far from the surface, and it wasn't about the shoes.

I am so fortunate to have such a steady, loving guy, a great foil for my ebbs and flows, a tolerant eye roller, and a guy who's man enough to feel lucky to have me too.  And almost 20 years down the track, he's the person I most want to talk to, to spend time with and to love.  And he doesn't do flowers or gushy cards.

Turns out, he does shoes.

And so I deliberately bought them. They were $240.  I have never had shoes, ever, that were that expensive. 

Ooh, I fancy myself now.  Imaging how great they'll look on my super long beach walk/run for my week 4 reward next week.

And now I'm off to cook some good car choices for our trip, a significant 6.5 hrs to our beach destination.

Some raspberry yoghurt muffins, some sausages (kanga bangas cold in the car, mmmm), and cook some chicken breasts to shred for chicken and salad rolls (no temptation from yummy cooked chook skin if I cook those suckers myself) 
And a big Michelle Bolognese to take with us so that after we set up camp, there is no temptation to get takeaway.

And while we are away, I am really really going to try to eat fish.  Seems silly not to eat super fresh fish when you are by the seaside.  And a great food choice that I should try harder with.

And, even though it is probably a bit silly, I am taking my bathroom scales.  We won't be home till Friday, and I want to know how I'm doing.  And they won't take up much room.  So there. 

So wish me luck.  I will be exercising like a demon, and making the best food choices I can.  But also living my life.

See you next week.

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  1. Oooh. Shoe envy. Holiday envy. Husband envy. He is gorgeous that big N of yours, so subtle but straight to the point. And telling another person in front of you makes all the more squishable for some reason (who needs external validation, anyone, anyone?!) You deserve those shoes, fer sherr. Have a lovely lovely break, you deserve that too!